Born in the Netherlands, Jo Brunenberg (1949) ‘discovered’ photography at the age of fourteen and was immediately fascinated by the magic of the medium. At young age he started as an apprentice photographer at a printing company where he has worked in various positions. In addition to working in graphic arts, he has always remained active as fine art photographer.

One of his first non-commissioned projects was "Atlantic Wall." In this series Jo Brunenberg has put the vulnerable naked male body in the hard concrete architecture of the German defensive line along the Normandy coast in France.

During the nineties he carried out many assignments in the field of architectural photography. Recurring themes in his free work are are male nude, architecture and typography.

Now, more than 50 years later, his creative work has been published in numerous photo books and magazines and has been exhibited in galleries and museums in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Hamburg, Neurenberg, Lausanne, Paris, Lyon, Arles, Madrid, Antwerpen, Gent, Dublin, Montréal, Baltimore, Chicago and New York.

Jo Brunenberg travels extensively through France, where he realized recent series like ‘Fermeture Définitive’ in which he reveals his fascination with the typical architecture and typography of traditional small shops in France. In many towns and villages such shops have been closed or are about to disappear. In his series 'Portraits de Châteaux d'Eau' Brunenberg portrays typical French water towers. This series of photographs is supplemented with two documentary movies. A limited edition photo book 'Portraits de Châteaux d'Eau' was published early 2021.


1949 Born January 24, Stramproy, Netherlands.
1963 ‘Discovers’ photography.
1965 Starts as apprentice in photography at a printing-company, followed by several studies in graphic arts.
1965-1970 Experiments with various photographic techniques.
1969 First portfolio: ‘Crystallization’.
1970-1985 Travels in Europe, the Far East, Northern Africa and the U.S.A. concentrating mainly on landscape photography.
1975 First solo-exhibition in the Municipal Museum, Weert, Netherlands.
1981 Completes study at the Academy for Industrial Design, Eindhoven.
1982-1985 Works on portfolio ‘Atlantikwall’.
1983-1990 Works on ‘Escaping Images’ and ‘Projected Images’.
1986-1987 Part-time teacher at the Academy for Industrial Design, Eindhoven.
1988 Endowment ‘Vrije opdracht fotografie 1988'. ‘Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst’.
1988-1992 Works on the series ‘Immagini Scoperte’.
1989 Starts working on a series on present-day Dutch architecture.
1992 Starts two new series: ‘Contemplatio’ and ‘Hortus Hominis’.
1994 Guest teacher at the Akadeomie Beeldende Kunsten, Maastricht.
1994/1995 Co-editor of “PIDOC”, (Professional Imaging Documentation)
1995 Produces book ‘In opdracht’, with photographs by Cas Oorthuys and Jo Brunenberg.
1995-1997 Photography and design ‘Architecture Calenders’, Weert
2004-2005 Works on series ‘Paraíso Perdido?’ (Cuba)
2005 Works on exhibition and book publication ‘BodyArt’.
2005-present Works on several series with the subject ‘Male nude’.
2008-present Works on series ‘Chateaux d’Eaux’ (France)
2009-present Works on series ‘Fermeture Définitive’ (France)
2013 ‘Jo Brunenberg, ‘Déja Vu, 50 years photography’. Municipal Museum, Weert, NL.
2018 Book production and exhibition 'Pierre Segers - Op zoek naar de verloren tijd'. Homage to the Dutch photographer Pierre Segers (1935-2016). Concept and realization: Jo Brunenberg & Ton Huijbers.
2018 Short film: 'The last farewell'. Homage to the Dutch photographer Pierre Segers (1935-2016). Concept and realization: Jo Brunenberg & Ton Huijbers.
2020 Finalizing project 'Portraits de Châteaux d'Eau' with exhibition, limited edition book publication and two documentary movies.

Selected solo exhibitions

1975 ‘Foto’s van Jo Brunenberg’, Municipal Museum, Weert, Netherlands
1986 Canon Photo Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1987 Fotogalerie ‘68, Hoensbroek, Netherlands
1988 ‘Jo Brunenberg, geënsceneerde foto’s’, Galerie I.D., Helmond, Netherlands
1988 ‘Jo Brunenberg’, Photo Gallery ‘Fotografia Oltre’, Chiasso, Switzerland
1989 ‘Escaping Images’, Galerie Photographique ‘Vrais Rêves’, Lyon, France
1990 ‘Immagini Scoperte’, Galerie Fotomania, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1991 ‘Immagini Scoperte’, LAK Galerie, Leiden, Netherlands
1991 ‘Escaping Images & Immagini Scoperte’, Galerie du Sallé, Quimper, France
1992 ‘Jo Brunenberg’, Mediale, Nürnberger Burg, Nürnberg, Germany
1992 ‘Jo Brunenberg’, Balazzo Brozzo’, Nürnberg, Germany
1993 ‘Immagini Scoperte’, Grauwert-Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
1993 ‘Jo Brunenberg, ‘foto’s 1982-1993’, Municipal Museum, Weert, Netherlands
1994 ‘Jo Brunenberg, ‘foto’s 1982-1993’, Fotogalerij, Cultureel Centrum Hasselt, Belgium
2005 ¿Paraíso Perdido?, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven
2010 ‘Portretten’, Galerie FotoExpo 202, Amersfoort
2013 ‘Jo Brunenberg, ‘Déja Vu, 50 years photography’. Municipal Museum, Weert, NL.
2015 Jo Brunenberg, ‘Collections’. Galerie Vrais Rêves, Lyon, France
2020 Franse watertorens, 'Portraits de Châteaux d'Eau', De Annex | Museum W, Netherlands

Photographs in collections

• Museum W, Weert, Netherlands
• Limburgs Centrum voor Fotografie, Sittard, Netherlands
• Collection Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam, Netherlands
• Musee de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium
• Graham Nash Collection, Pasadena U.S.A.
• Los Angeles County Museum of Art, U.S.A.
• The International Polaroid Collection, U.S.A.
• Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switserland
• University of Maryland, Baltimore, U.S.A.
• ‘Les Abattoirs’, Toulouse, France
• Fundación Canal, Madrid, Spanje
• Private collections 

Selected group exhibitions

1981 & 1982 ‘The Adventure of Nature’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1985 ‘Medium Fotografie’, Netherlands / Germany
1986 ‘Nederlandse fotografen op reis’, Kritzraedthuis, Sittard, NL
1987 ‘Troisième Triennale de la Photographie’, Palais des Beaux Arts, Charleroi, Belgium
1987 ‘Trajekta ‘87’, Maastricht, Netherlands
1987 ‘Photographes Européens’, Musée d’Art Moderne, Liège, Belgium
1987 ‘Prospect 6’, Gele Zaal, Gent, Belgium
1988 Centre National de la Photographie, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
1988 ‘Behold the man’ • Stills Gallery, Edinburgh • Photographers Gallery, London • Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth • Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, U.K.
1988 ‘Er is geen landschap dat de tijd heeft om te dromen’, Gouvernement Maastricht, NL.
1988 Neikrug Gallery, ‘Rated X’, New York, U.S.A.
1988 FNAC, Antwerp, Belgium, exhibition portfolio-presentation B & Z
1989 ‘Behold the man’ • Viewpoint, Salford • Harris Museum & ArtGallery, Preston • Orchard Gallery Londonderry, • The Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Northern Ireland
1989 ‘Het poëtisch moment’, Stadsgalerij Heerlen, Netherlands
1989 Neikrug Gallery, ‘Rated X’, New York, U.S.A.
1989 ‘Humains’, exposition internationale, Dompierre-S/B., France
1990 Neikrug Gallery, ‘Rated X’, New York, U.S.A.
1992 ‘Photographes Européens forts de leur Histoire’, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France
1992 ‘AidsRelaTed’, Melkweg Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1992 ‘De Man’, Galerie Brouwersgracht twee-drie-acht, Amsterdam, NL.
1992 Galerie Parbleu, Summer of photography, Antwerp, Belgium
1993 Galerie ‘De Verschijning’, Tilburg, Netherlands
1993 Galerie Toro, Venray, Netherlands1993 Galerie Simera Signe, Maastricht, NL.
1993 ‘Fotopad’, Streekmuseum Valkenburg, Netherlands
1993 Aberdeen Art Gallery, ‘Photography Plus’, Aberdeen, Scotland
1993 ‘Fotopad’, Bis, Mönchengladbach, Germany
1994 ‘Nus’, Centre Culturel Le Polaris, Corbas, France
1994 ‘Il faut rêver !’, Galerie Vrais Reves, Lyon, France
1995 ‘Figureworks’, Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, USA
1996 ‘The Spirit and the Flesh’, Stuart Levy Fine Art, New York, USA
1997 ‘Objectif Corps / The Body in the Lens’ Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal, Canada
1997 Luis Gonzalez Palma & Jo Brunenberg, Schneider Gallery, Inc, Chicago, USA
1997 ‘Limburgs Zelfportret’, Municipal Museum, Weert, Netherlands
1998 ‘Recollectie’, Municipal Museum, Weert, Netherlands
1998 ‘Body Icons’, Photographic Center of Skopelos, Greece
1998 ‘The Body in the Mirror’, Fine Arts Center, Larissa, Greece
1999 ‘ATTACK, Photography on the edge’, Holland Festival, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.
1999 ‘O século do corpo: trabalhos fotográficos 1900-1999’, Culturgest (center of contemporary art), Lisbon, Portugal
2000 ‘Le siecle du corps’, Photographies 1900-2000’, Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne, Switzerland
2005 ‘Body Art’, Municipal Museum Weert, Netherlands
2007 ‘Ocultos’, Fundación Canal, Madrid, Spain
2012 ‘Inspiratie Boemen’, Limburgs Museum, Venlo, Netherlands
2014 ‘Man - Exposed’, Mondo Galeria, Madrid, Spain
2017 ‘Weerter aanwinsten”, Jacob van Horne Museum, Weert
2021 « Portraits de châteaux d'eau », Transphotographiques, Lille, France
2022 « Fermeture Définitive », Head on Photo Festival, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Selected publications

1987 Catalogue ‘Troisième Triennale de la Photographie’, issued by the ‘Museé de la photographie’, Charleroi, Belgium
1988 ‘Escaping Images’, catalogue, published by the photographer
1988 ‘Projected Images’, catalogue, published by the photographer
1988 Portfolio ‘Escaping Images’, six photographs, limited edition. Publisher: Begas & Zwarts, Maastricht, NL.
1989 ‘Photographie’, 4-’89, ‘Escaping Images’, Germany
1989 ‘Foto’, 5-’89, ‘Projected Images’, Netherlands
1989 ‘Het poëtisch moment’, catalogue, introduction by W.K. Coumans
1990 ‘Photographie’, 10-’90, ‘Projected Images’, Germany
1990 ‘Immagini Scoperte’, catalogue, published by the photographer
1992 ‘Photonews’, Zeitung für Photographie, Hamburg, Germany
1993 ‘THEATRUM ANATOMICUM’, Jo Brunenberg, monograph. Published by éditions Aubrey Walter, London
1993 ‘Jo Brunenberg, foto’s 1982-1993', catalogue, Municipal Museum Weert
1994 ‘The Body, Photoworks of the Human Form’, book by William A. Ewing, Thames & Hudson, England
1995 ‘In opdracht’. ( Book). Photographs by Cas Oorthuys and Jo Brunenberg
1998 ‘The Male Nude’, book by David Leddick, Taschen
1999 ‘Attack’, book published for the Holland Festival 1999, Amsterdam
2000 ‘Exposed’, book by Phil Braham, Quarto Publishing, London
2001 CD-booklet ‘Nuances van liefde’, Astrid Seriese. Sony, Netherlands
2003 Macondo - Die Lust am Lesen - ‘Escaping’, Germany
2004 ‘Male Bodies’, book by Emmanuel Cooper, published by Prestel (Munich, Berlin, London, New York)
2005 ‘The Polaroid Book’, Taschen Verlag
2005 ‘Vriendschap & Inspiratie’. Book project by four photographers and four graphic arts partners
2005 ‘Body Art’, book publication by Jo Brunenberg and Theo Derksen
2008 ‘Hommes pour Hommes’, book by Pierre Borhan / Gilles Mora, Edititions Des Deux Terres, Paris
2008 ‘Man to Man’, book by Pierre Borhan / Gilles Mora, published by Harry Abrams, NY.
2013 Catalogue ‘Déjà Vu, 50 years photography Jo Brunenberg.
2013 Booklet ‘ABC cherché / ABC trouvé’ (‘Searched and found alphabet’). Atelier Bleu.
2018 Book publication 'Pierre Segers - Op zoek naar de verloren tijd'. Homage to the Dutch photographer Pierre Segers. Atelier Bleu.
2021 Limited edition book publication 'Portraits de Châteaux d'Eau'.
2021 'FRAMES MAGAZINE' Selection from 'Portraits de Châteaux d'Eau'.

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