French water towers | Châteaux d'eau de France | Franse watertorens 

A documentary that is part of a photo exhibition and a photo book with the subject: “Portraits of French water towers”.

Un documentaire qui fait partie d'une exposition de photos et d'un livre photo avec le sujet: « Portraits de châteaux d'eau ».

Een documentaire die deel uitmaakt van een fototentoonstelling en een fotoboek met als onderwerp: “Portretten van Franse watertorens”.

MAARTEN VAN ROSSEM vertelt over Nederlandse en Franse watertorens

Dutch and French water towers | Châteaux d'eau néerlandais et français

Interview with: Maarten van Rossem 
(Historicus, presentator, schrijver en voormalig hoogleraar)
(Historian, presenter, writer and former professor)
(Historien, présentateur, écrivain et ancien professeur)

RAILER / BANDE ANNONCE   Châteaux d'eau de France

Un petit aperçu d'un documentaire qui sortira plus tard cette année et fera partie d'une exposition photo sur ce sujet.

A small preview of a documentary that will be released later this year and will be part of a photo exhibition on this subject.

Een kleine preview van een documentaire die later dit jaar wordt uitgebracht en onderdeel zal zijn van een fototentoonstelling over dit onderwerp.

The very last journey of a photographer.

Homage to the Dutch photographer Pierre Segers (1935-2016).
Concept and realization: Jo Brunenberg & Ton Huijbers.

Music composition: Tim Crins.
Music performance: Jo Brunenberg (accordion) and Tim Crins (cello and piano).

In 2016, the Dutch photographer Pierre Segers passed away.
A photographer who never wanted to be in the spotlight during his life.
His photographic legacy, however, is too unique to disappear into oblivion.
Two friends, Jo Brunenberg and Ton Huijbers, also photographers, have therefore realized an exhibition and a book with his work titled: 'In search of the lost time'.

In april 2018 they have scattered the ashes of the deceased photographer in a place in northern France, where he loved to be.

This short film refers to the photographic view of Pierre Segers.
The film ends with the ritual of scattering his ashes: The last farewell.

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