Behold the man
2001 - present

Over time I made several series

of images in which the male nude

plays an important role.

Some series were made as part

of an assignment, other series

were un-commissioned work. 

Relative Reality

Those were my early days of

digital photography. Using an

Apple Quicktake and an early

Olympus digital camera it was fun

to manipulate images and create a

new kind of “reality”. Visual effects

which in the previous analogue

world were almost impossible

suddenly became quite easy to


Vriendschap & Inspiratie

“Friendship and Inspiration”.

A project organized by a group of

photographer friends in close

cooperation with graphic arts

experts: a paper supplier, a book

printer and a book binder.

The project resulted in a remark-

ably designed book.

This was my contribution.

Der Vampyr

A commision to produce photographs

for the publicity of the opera

“Der Vampyr”.

The photographs were used for the

program booklet and the posters.

Using Format